Natalie Rahm, Psy.D.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Natalie began working in the mental health field in 2011. She graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a degree concentration in assessment of mental health disorders, including projective tests for personality, diagnosis of mood disorders, and learning disabilities.

She has worked in a spectrum of clinical settings, including hospitals, private practices, hospice, and juvenile detention centers. Additionally, Natalie is an adjunct instructor of graduate programs at two local prestigious colleges.

Age Group:

14 – 70 years old

Approach to Treatment:

My approach to treating is a person-centered, existential approach. I use humor to teach people to see themselves as a ‘work in progress’, and to laugh at life’s mishaps instead of getting stuck in the negative loop. I utilize methods of psychological education to treat and manage a variety of mental health disorders, leading to an increase sense of resilience, autonomy, empowerment, through a rich emotional experience of self-discovery. Once an informed understanding of our inner world is achieved, we can begin to see that positive change is possible and can implement that change with greater ease than thought possible.

Areas of Specialty:

Abuse, addiction, ADHD/ADD, adolescent issues, anger, anxiety, bipolar, comorbid diagnosis, couples, dating issues, depression/mood disorders, feeding/eating disorders, family/martial conflict, grief, LGBTQIA+, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), pain management, personality disorders, psychosis, self-esteem, separation/divorce, sexuality issues, skill building, stress, transitional issues, trauma.



Available for Both In-Person and TeleHealth Sessions by Appointment