Nakia Rodriguez, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Nakia began her nursing career 20 years ago, as a Registered Nurse and recently transitioned to a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She has worked in-patient and outpatient settings: medical/surgical, critical care, cardiology, and psychiatry

Age Group:

10-65 years old

Approach to Treatment:

My approach to treating is comprehensive, holistic, and collaborative. No one person exists in isolation, therefore it is important to consider the all-encompassing – medical, mental, psychosocial, and cultural – factors that may impact a person’s care. Furthermore, I feel that patients should be a partner in the recovery process because solutions and change need to come from within. I utilize motivational interviewing to help build a trusting, collaborative experience between my patients and I, key components in a successful therapeutic relationship.

Areas of Specialty:

ADHD/ADD, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, depressive disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder, sleep wake disorder, and trauma & stress-related disorders.



Professional Affiliations:


Available for Both In-Person and TeleHealth Sessions by Appointment