Marissa Hendrixson OTD, OTR/L

Doctor of Occupational Therapy

My approach to providing treatment is to remain trauma-informed and client-centered from beginning to end and gain understanding of clients as a whole and not just their current barriers to health and wellness. We work together to develop and implement intervention strategies that allow the client to be an equal collaborator in their treatment goals. Both group and individual Interventions are often focused on building habits and routines that support one’s mental health and promote positive outcomes, assisting individuals in growing independence in their daily activities and roles, and educating on modifications and compensatory strategies to manage symptoms and the impact of their health conditions on their daily life. In continued collaboration with the client and the interprofessional team, we will aim to build new or enhance existing skills and modify or adapt the environment or activity to enable participation.

My approach to treating mental illness is to help the client feel heard and understood without judgment. Building a strong therapeutic relationship with clients allows me to gain a deeper understanding of their barriers to wellness, the acceptance of their current conditions, the level of dysfunction and their personal goals in relation to their physical and mental wellness. Each individual comes to therapy with different lived experiences, social supports, and motivating interests and therefore treatment should remain evidence based and client-centered, beginning with a holistic understanding of the client’s current state and the factors impacting it.

Age Group:

10-70 years old

Areas of Specialty:

PSYCHOTHERAPY • Addiction • ADHD/ADD • Anger • Anxiety • Autism Spectrum Disorder • Bipolar • Body Image • Comorbid Diagnosis • Depression/Mood Disorders • Grief • LGBTQIA+ • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Pain Management • Personality Disorder • Psychosis • Self-esteem • Sexuality Issues • Skill Building • Stress • Transitional Issues • Trauma


I am a recent graduate though have ~1 year of experience in a mental health setting during the completion of my doctoral capstone/residency.

I co-authored a manual entitled “OT in Primary Care: Addressing the Complex Needs of Unhoused Individuals with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and Chronic Conditions”




Available for Both In-Person and TeleHealth Sessions by Appointment