Elizabeth Wischnia MA (almost LPC)

Mental Health Professional

Elizabeth Wischnia is an emerging mental health professional with a strong foundation in education, residential treatment, and outpatient settings. She holds a Master’s degree in School Counseling from New York University and has further enriched her expertise with a postgraduate certificate in professional mental health counseling from Eastern University. Elizabeth’s undergraduate studies in Human Development were completed at Binghamton University.

Age Group:

Adults 18+


  • Limitation: Non-verbal spectrum, children, acute psychotic symptoms, perpetrators of animal cruelty
  • Language: English

Elizabeth’s dedication to fostering genuine relationships and learning from every interaction reflects her passion for mental health and her commitment to her clients’ wellbeing.

Approach to Treatment:

Elizabeth employs a holistic and individualized approach to therapy, integrating humanistic, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, person-centered, positive psychology, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles. She focuses on building trust and rapport, using her warmth, approachability, and humor to make clients feel valued and understood.

  • Depression: Elizabeth encourages identifying strengths and moments of positivity, aiming to enhance motivation and self-esteem.
  • Anxiety: Through CBT, she addresses behavioral responses linked to anxiety, incorporating psychodynamic insights to explore underlying causes.

Elizabeth’s openness and natural curiosity about her clients’ lives support her empathetic, compassionate, and reflective therapeutic stance.

Areas of Specialty:

Elizabeth is comfortable treating a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Body Image
  • Depression/Mood Disorders
  • Personality Disorder
  • Self-esteem
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Stress
  • Transitional Issues
  • Trauma


  • Community-Based Mental Health: Over the past three years, Elizabeth has dedicated her practice to community-based mental health settings, providing care and support to individuals across various demographics and with diverse needs. Her work emphasizes treating the whole person, acknowledging the complexity of human experience.

  • Nonprofit Organization Work: Elizabeth’s journey in counseling began at a nonprofit organization focused on women’s issues, where she honed her skills in providing empathetic, strength-based counseling.

  • Educational and Residential Settings: With a background in school counseling, certified to work with students K-12 in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth has experience in educational and residential treatment facilities. This background has equipped her with a unique perspective on the developmental and environmental factors affecting mental health.




Available for Both In-Person and TeleHealth Sessions by Appointment