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Finding Strength, Discovering Self

The power of belief comes into play in every mental health disorder we treat. And that belief begins with our skilled and caring staff, and transfers over to each patient, from adolescents to adults, giving them strength and hope for healing. In each of our facilities, all programs are personalized so that every individual has specific goals and objectives to meet. This is important because each person has his or her own underlying triggers, with varying degrees of severity to their disorder.

We believe that, when providing personal treatment that targets each disorder and its corresponding issues, we can give the patient a clear direction for long-term recovery. Our uncompromising support plays an important role in keeping that recovery consistently on track.


Mental health issues can take on many different forms.

From trauma and anxiety, to depression, self-harm, bipolar disorder and reactive attachment disorder, these disorders can intertwine with each other. But in every case, what makes our mental health treatment programs so successful is that we address more than simply the special traits of the disorder. Equal attention is directed toward treating the individual as a whole. This ensures that each person leaves our facility feeling better in totality and instilled with the confidence to effect long-term changes.


Discovery Behavioral Health treatment centers rely on proven methodologies.

We believe in a dietary philosophy that promotes balance, moderation and variety. As such, our program is designed so that patients are responsible for managing their own nutrition, through an evidence-based approach combining exposure to foods and response prevention. With the help of our treatment specialists, they often can re-introduce foods that were previously off-limits to their diet. We also make their healing an experiential one that can include actual cooking and shopping for foods, as well as occasional restaurant outings under the guidance of a registered dietitian.

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