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About Medication Management

Medication Management services are a spectrum of patient-centered, prescriber guided, collaborative services that focus on medication appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and adherence with the goal of improving mental health outcomes.

At Complete Mind Care our prescribers are highly trained Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. When taking the medications, finding the most appropriate medication and dosage is essential, which is why our prescribers frequently collaborate with one another, to ensure a suitable treatment plan. We understand that mental wellness shouldn’t include staying on medication forever, so our providers are equipped at identifying individuals who may also be a candidate for alternative therapies, such as TMS and Esketamine/Spravato.

Provider Collaboration

Patients will meet with a psychotherapist first, to assess diagnoses, current challenges, and strategies in managing life stressors. This collaboration will provide a thorough understanding of a patient’s mental health state and appropriate treatment options.
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Initial Assessment

  • Comprehensive review of concerns, symptoms, all current medications.
  • Thorough diagnostic evaluation and patient-centered goals which are key in guiding formulation of both long and short-term treatment plans, designed specifically for your needs.
  • Determination of whether medication is a good option for your health concerns.
  • If medication is decided to be the best treatment option, you will be educated regarding medication uses, dosing, potential side effects, and safety.
  • If appropriate, your Provider will review alternative treatment options, such as TMS or Esketamine/Spravato.
  • Patients will discuss and offer consent for pharmacological treatment.

Continuing Care

  • Your prescriber will monitor efficacy of medication over a designated period of time to determine if the treatment meets your goals.
  • Every patient is unique and will be treated holistically.
  • Once your goals are met and your mental health is maintained, your prescriber will determine with you how often follow up appointments are necessary.

Why Seeing a Psychiatrist/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Matters:

They are trained on the nuances of the many medications available – which ones are best for particular symptoms, what to do if the lowest dose does not work, and what side effects to expect.
They have more experience identifying symptoms, completing assessments, and treating mental illnesses. They are better equipped at handling more complex treatment plans.
They can recommend lifestyle changes – diet, sleep, exercise- tailored to a patient’s diagnosis and symptoms. They can refer patients to counseling and alternative therapist such as Deep TMS or Esketamine.

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