Adhd Assessments

What is a QbTest?

The QbTest is an FDA-approved diagnostic screening tool, which provides objective information to aid the assessment of ADHD. The test uses age and gender-matched comparisons to assess a person’s ability to concentrate, movement, and impulsivity. It measures symptoms by combining a computer-based task with motion capture cameras, bringing more objectivity to evaluation and treatment. The empirical tests streamline the ADHD assessment process and help our clinicians, patients, and their families better understand the core ADHD symptoms. 


  • FDA-cleared for diagnosis and treatment evaluation for ages 6 – 60.
  • In-clinic assessment conducted with a qualified healthcare provider.
  • Measures core ADHD symptoms: activity, attention, and impulsivity.
  • Takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete.
  • Results are delivered in a visual report, comparing the patient’s results to others in their age range and gender, without ADHD.

Why QbTesting?

Current procedures for medical diagnostic assessments of ADHD have been highly subjective with the use of clinical interview and rating scales alone. Complete Mind Care uses QbTest to enhance that procedure with objective data, which leads to improved diagnostic accuracy and a more efficient, precise process to treatment. Furthermore, if an ADHD diagnosis is established, QbTest can be used to help monitor a patient’s response to treatment, aiding CMC in the optimization of treatment.

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