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Join the Complete Mind Care team and become a champion in the fight for mental health. Here, you’ll find a supportive community dedicated to respect, empowerment, and making a real difference.

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Who We are

Complete Mind Care of PA offers patient-centered treatment for individuals and families struggling with their mental health.

We strive to help people reach their full potential, through an integrative and multi-service line approach.

Our Team is comprised of Psychiatrists, PMHNPs, and Psychotherapists of all backgrounds and specialties, including trained technicians to support in alternative treatments, such as Deep TMS Therapy and Spravato.

What we do

Complete Mind Care of PA is dedicated to providing mental health services in a compassionate, confidential and uplifting environment.

We understand that a patient’s journey to complete mind care, begins with an individualized treatment plan. We do this through provider collaboration and office support to enhance a patient’s quality of life.

Our patient-centered practice offers multiple service modalities to ensure the right treatment path – because mental health is a journey, not a destination.

Our Mental Health Services

Recieve treatment for your individualized mental healthcare needs


Serious underlying emotional and mental trauma, such as low self-esteem, personality disorders . . .

For some, the step toward lifelong wellness is medication management, our psychiatrists evaluate and treat . . .


Intensive Outpatient​

IOP is a short term intensive treatment plan that incorporates group therapy, Cognitive and Dialectical behavior therapy . . .

Complete-Mind-Care- Services-Depression

Adhd Assessments

The QbTest is an FDA-approved diagnostic screening tool, which provides objective information to aid the assessment of ADHD. . . .


The first prescription nasal spray, often taken with oral anti-depressants. This treatment aids treatment-resistant depression . .

Complete-Mind-Care- Services-Depression

Adhd Assessments

The QbTest is an FDA-approved diagnostic screening tool, which provides objective information to aid the assessment of ADHD. . . .


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TSM) is the nations leading option for medication-resistant depression . . .

What's in it for you:

Your Benefits: Investing in Your Future

Flexible Working:

Achieve work-life harmony with our flexible work arrangements, including compressed hours and remote opportunities.


Your mental wellbeing is our priority. We offer comprehensive support systems, including an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and reflective practice sessions.

Generous Leave:

Enjoy up to XXX days of annual leave, public holidays, and designated wellbeing days, with options to manage your leave to suit your life.


We provide ample carer and parental leave and uphold family-friendly policies for a balanced life.

Professional Growth:

With competitive salaries and pension plans, we ensure you’re taken care of. Furthermore, your growth is supported by dedicated training budgets and study leave, empowering you to excel in your career.

Financial Security:

we not only offer competitive salaries and pension plans to ensure your financial security but also prioritize your personal and professional growth through dedicated training and development opportunities

An inclusive workplace

Complete Mind Care celebrates diversity and authenticity. 

We strive for a workforce that reflects the varied backgrounds and experiences of the communities we serve, where each individual is valued for their unique contributions.

Embracing a No-Blame Culture

At our core, we believe in fostering a no-blame culture where every team member feels safe and supported to take risks and learn from their outcomes. We emphasize collaborative problem-solving and continuous learning, rather than focusing on fault-finding, to innovate and grow together as a cohesive unit.

Our Mission

We save the lives of those we serve with compassionate treatment, evidence-based clinical care and an unwavering alliance among staff, patients, their families and communities.

Our Values

Access is at the core of our value system. Making behavioral healthcare accessible to all is a theme that informs our decisions and shapes our culture. Access to behavioral healthcare means that a happy, rewarding life can be a reality for every individual.